New Leaf Programme is a award nominated NLP Training company that has made a huge impact in the world of Mental Health. New Leaf Programme is the only training company specialising in Therapeutic NLP,  Therapeutic Hypnosis, and the Groundbreaking HMS Therapy. HMS Therapy is a pioneering and effective treatment for all stress related conditions and has been used to treat hundreds of clients suffering from PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, Addiction, Pain Relief, Suicide & Bereavement in the UK & USA.

Martin Webster Master Trainer AET 

All courses are taught by Martin Webster Master Trainer of Therapeutic NLP & Hypnosis. Martin is also the creator of HMS Therapy an ex Soldier with 12 years military experience as a instructor.  His very direct approach gets the very best out of all his delegates & Clients. 

All courses are certified by the Association of therapeutic NLP, Coaching & Hypnosis. www.atnlp.com www.athcoaching,org www.athypnosis.com