New Leaf Programme is an award nominated Training Company that teaches Therapeutic NLP, Coaching, Hypnotherapy, HMS Therapy & HMS Coaching. New Leaf Programme has trained hundreds of Practitioners, Master Practitioners & Trainers in Neuro Linguistic Psychology.  We specialize in HMS Therapy & HMS Coaching and both techniques are a combination Advanced Communication & Advanced Relaxation. New Leaf Programme has transformed the lives of hundreds of clients with all stress related conditions using HMS Therapy in the UK and USA.  All our training courses include 2 years follow up training with guidance and metorship.  

Martin Webster Master Trainer 

Accredited Governing Body 

All Training Courses are Certified & Self Regulated by the: Association of Therapeutic NLP (ATNLP),  Association of Therapeutic Hypnosis (ATH) , Association of HMS Therapists (AHMS) & Association of Therapeutic Coaching (ATC) All Certified Practitioners, Master Practitioners & Trainers must comply by the Standards, Conditions and the Health and Safety Restrictions set by all Four Associations.The purpose is to protect and maintain the public safety.  Accredited Practitioners, Masters & Trainers are registered at these websites: